Transmission Installations & Repairs in Lexington, Kentucky

Don't let transmission problems drive down the reliability of your car or truck. Shift your vehicle's performance into a higher gear with proven transmission repairs and installations at Lexington Transmission in Lexington, Kentucky. Our shop works on manual and automatic transmissions for most cars, trucks, and SUV's. Sometimes customers bring their vehicles in thinking their transmission is going out when it is a simple engine problem.

Accurate diagnosis

For a long time, it was more cost effective to rebuild a transmission, but with some rebuilds it is cheaper to get a remanufactured one. There are options to rebuilding your transmission. We can rebuild your current transmission OR we now sell re-manufactured transmissions (these come with 3yr/100,000 mile warranty).


Transmission Repairs & Services Include:

  • Install New Transmissions
  • Replace, Remove, & Rebuild Transmissions
  • Perform Multi-Point Inspections
  • Inspect Clutches & Pressure Plates
  • Flush & Replace Transmission Fluid
  • Replace Filters
  • Remove Dirt & Grime
  • Check for Transmission Leaks
  • Overhaul & Replace Clutches
  • Replace Drive Shafts
  • Repair Drive Axles
Car Engine Being Worked On - Lexington, KY

Warranties are available on all of our transmission work. We do foreign and domestic transmission repairs as well as transfer cases and differentials.

Your Choice for Transmission Repairs

At Lexington Transmission, we use state-of-the-art equipment, including hydraulic lifts and computer diagnostic systems, to provide the more precise transmission services possible. Stop by our auto repair shop today for smoother shifting between gears.